About The Stuller Family Foundation

The Stuller Family Foundation is a private Christian-based family nonprofit serving the Acadiana region. We stand to support organizations through matching and direct grant assistance. We support organizations whose causes align with our family’s core value of placing “Community First” within our stewardship.

Our Giving Focus

Religious Institutions & Congregations, Youth Development & Education, Environmental Stewardship & Beautification and Humanitarian Aid & At-Risk Populations encompass our giving.

Religious Institutions & Congregations

This program’s focus is to expand, enhance and enrich Acadiana’s Christian-faith community base. It includes structural development & redevelopment, congregational growth & expansion, and preservation of our area’s most committed Christian institutions and places of worship.

Youth Development & Education

Youth Development & Education funding supports preparing our younger generations meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood; providing tools to achieve their full potential; and challenging the status quo. This includes educational enhancements and youth leadership development.

Environmental Stewardship & Beautification

Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Beautification includes efforts to improve the appearance of a geographic area (e.g. neighborhood, district, city, or parish).

Humanitarian Aid & At-Risk Populations

Humanitarian Aid’s purpose is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity including  providing a safe shelter for the homeless, hungry and victims of abuse or neglect.

A Message From Matt Stuller, Chairman of the Board

Acadiana is our home. It is where my wife Cece and I grew up, where we are raising our very own family, and perhaps, where our children will raise their children.
It’s for that very reason that, in 1994, The Stuller Family Foundation came to be. We want only the best for Acadiana, and we are honored to have partnered with so many of the area’s wonderful nonprofit organizations who, likewise, strive for a better Acadiana.
Only by working together, only by pooling resources, can we accomplish this goal. The Stuller Family Foundation is all about fostering relationships, exchanging information and making wise investments in, not just organizations and their projects, but in the people of our area…. some very wonderful people.
Improving our community isn’t just about dollars; it’s about ideas… it’s about relationships… it’s about putting aside our respective egos and agendas for the greater good. It’s about caring for others and helping each of us reach our maximum potential.

Where We Serve

The foundation serves organizations in Lafayette and the five adjacent parishes.


Our Board of Directors

ALEX GRAHAM (Advisor to the Board)