About The Stuller Family Foundation

Giving With an Acadiana Focus

The foundation serves organizations in Lafayette and the five adjacent parishes.


Founded in 1994, The Stuller Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving the Acadiana region. 

Through hard work and perseverance, we have been blessed with the opportunity to impact the lives of many within our community. Through direct grants and financial assistance, we support numerous programs and charitable organizations that foster a better tomorrow.

Dollars Given in Acadiana

Since it’s inception, The Stuller Family Foundation has given over $50 million in direct donations and grant assistance to nonprofit organizations. We believe the future is even brighter than our past.

Matching Grants

We believe that when organizations come together, we can achieve an even greater result. Through matching grants we strive to make the most out of our collective impacts. 

Direct Grants

With three grant cycles a year, The Stuller Family Foundation takes in applications for direct grants looking to focus programatic work for nonprofits. 


Acadiana has a rich history of philanthropic giving. Together, The Stuller Family Foundation works with partners like the William Schumacher Foundation and the Pugh Family Foundation to drive change.

Philanthropic Donations

Tragedy doesn’t always work on grant cycles. When our community has needs that don’t conform to a deadline, The Stuller Family Foundation can, and has, stepped-up. 

Friends of Scouting

Boy Scouts of America – Evangeline Area Council 

Awarded to Stuller Family Foundation 2009, 2012

Benefactors Honor Roll - Outstanding Contribution to the Ducks Unlimited Conservation Program

Ducks Unlimited

Awarded to Matthew Stuller

Recognition and Appreciation to the Advancement of Gemstone Industry in Thailand

ICA Congress, Bangkok, Thailand

Awarded to Matthew Stuller – 2019

Reaching People, Building Lives Award

Our Savior’s Church

Awarded to Matthew Stuller – 2005

Board of Directors - Outstanding Service

Jewelers for Children

Awarded to Matthew Stuller, 2002-2005

Alice Foster Award

Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Awarded to Matthew Stuller, 2019

Partnership in Technology

Hospice of Acadiana

Awarded to the Stuller Family Foundation 2013


Healing House 

Awarded to Stuller Family Foundation, 2018

Appreciation - AOIT Internship

Carencro High School

Awarded to Stuller Family Foundation, 2012

Carol Ann Foundation Treatment Research - Gold Sponsor

Morquio International Organization

Awarded to The Stuller Family Foundation

A Message From Matt Stuller

Chairman of the Board

Acadiana is our home. It is where my wife Cece and I grew up, where we are raising our very own family, and perhaps, where our children will raise their children.
It’s for that very reason that, in 1994, The Stuller Family Foundation came to be. We want only the best for Acadiana, and we are honored to have partnered with so many of the area’s wonderful nonprofit organizations who, likewise, strive for a better Acadiana.
Only by working together, only by pooling resources, both financial and knowledge-based can we accomplish this goal. The Stuller Family Foundation is all about fostering relationships, exchanging information and making wise investments in, not just organizations and their projects, but in the people of our area…. some very wonderful people.
Improving our community isn’t just about dollars; it’s about ideas… it’s about relationships… it’s about putting aside our respective egos and agendas for the greater good. It’s about caring for others and helping each of us reach our maximum potential.

Acadiana Profile names Matt Stuller a 2021 Trailblazer

The little things in life often add up and so it is with communities. A single person may not think their discarded cigarette or fast food wrapper is a big deal, but when the majority people think that way, streets and neighborhoods can begin to look filthy. This can cause property values to drop and make people and businesses less likely to want to move to the area. It’s why Matt Stuller started Parish Proud: to make Lafayette’s neighborhoods as beautiful as the people who live in them.

Stuller owns Stuller, Inc., a fine jewelry manufacturer in Lafayette. Once he started his business, he traveled more and saw that other cities in the United States and across the world were much cleaner than Lafayette. So, he started Parish Proud in an effort to beautify his beloved hometown. How do you do that? Education through social media, radio and TV campaigns. When people see others behaving a certain way, they’re likely to follow suit.

“You have to have education in order to change behavior,” Stuller said. “We have to get people to take notice of the fact that we do not have to live this way.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges to Parish Proud’s efforts. Stuller said the rise in people eating in their cars after getting food at the drive-thru plus the number of people using disposable masks means a lot more people are discarding trash (including masks) on the street. Because of the pandemic, people are also more hesitant to touch things someone else may have contaminated. So good Samaritans are less likely to pick up litter they see on the street.

Despite these challenges, Stuller said improvements have been made over the years and he is confident Lafayette can keep the momentum. Even though litter has frustrated him, he loves Acadiana intensely.

“I can live anyplace in the world I want to,” Stuller said. “But at the age of 70, I continue to live in and love Lafayette, Louisiana.”­­ — Fritz Esker

Our Board of Directors

Matthew G. Stuller

Matthew G. Stuller Sr.

Chairman and CEO, Stuller, Inc. and Affiliates

Matthew G. Stuller Sr. is founder, chief executive officer and global strategist of Stuller, Inc., North America’s largest fine jewelry manufacturer and distributor.  After one semester at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (then USL), Matt left school to launch his own business – which was literally started out of the trunk of his car – selling settings (jewelry’s equivalent of nuts and bolts) to jewelers across Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.  Over time, he built the business into an ever-evolving organization that produces and inventories 400,000 jewelry-related products that can be shipped overnight and employs 1,500 people worldwide.  Since its founding, Stuller, Inc. has become one of the largest overnight shippers in the country.

Matt’s determination, vision and commitment to excellence has guided not only his businesses but is demonstrated on all the boards on which he has served both in our community and within the jewelry industry. 

As an Eagle Scout, Scouting has been an integral part in the formulation Matt’s ideals and life accomplishments.  The Scouting Oath still serves as a guiding principle in his everyday interpersonal relationships. 

Philanthropic endeavors now occupy a significant portion of his time.  The Stuller Family Foundation was established over twenty-five years ago to focus on improving education, assisting the needy and sick, and building regional religious capacity.  

The Stuller Foundation has done much to better the areas’ communities.  Matt’s vision and determination have made substantial differences to the many charities and organizations to which he has given time and resources.  His modesty dictates anonymity in many of the Stuller Foundation’s charitable works, with the public rarely knowing of its involvement.  As he is known to say when individuals seek advice or counsel, “I am a humble steward of God’s gifts.”

Cece Stuller










CeCe Stuller has served on the board of The Stuller Family Foundation since its inception, playing an active role in numerous Foundation initiatives.  She is passionate about her cats and is devoted to animal.   CeCe attended University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and was an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority.  She supports many local charities and is always eager to work on a cause to better our society. 

CeCe Stuller is an avid homemaker, who enjoys entertaining with her family and friends, at home, as much as possible!  When her three children – Alex, Matthew, and Lauren – were younger, she volunteered at their school for fundraisers, sporting events and numerous school activities.  She presently divides her time between travel, hiking, Pilates, mahjong, family, and friends.

Alex Graham Stuller







Alex Stuller was born and raised in South Louisiana, where she recently put down her own roots. Growing up she was passionate about conservation, particularly protecting our oceans. This passion grew as she worked as a marine biology camp counselor and dive instructor throughout high school and college teaching kids and adults alike about our impact on the environment and how we can do our part to help preserve it.


Alex received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2012. While completing her degree, she served as the Vice President of Community Service for the Gamma Kappa Chapter of Kappa Delta sorority, motivating those around her to get involved.  After completing her degree, Alex joined Stuller Inc. in 2012. She currently serves as Stuller’s Senior Bridal Director, focusing on product trends and assortments.


Alex has served on the Board of The Stuller Family Foundation for several years.  She has played a key role in upgrading the Foundation’s technology and social media presence and has advised the Board on several Foundation initiatives.  When Alex isn’t working, she loves reading, scuba diving, traveling, and red wine.

Matthew Stuller Jr.







Matthew currently divides his time between his home in Broussard, LA and hunting lodge in Woodville, MS.   An avid hunter and fisherman, Matthew is most at home on the water or in the woods.  He is a skilled handyman and do-it-yourselfer.  He is an accomplished fishing and hunting guide as well.  His passions include environmental accountability, wildlife sustainability and sportsmanship.  Matthew adds his expertise in the outdoors as a resource for the board.

Lauren Stuller













Lauren attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied Jewelry and Metals and was a member of the SCAD Equestrian Team. After two years in Savannah, Lauren moved to Southern California to concentrate her studies on jewelry and gemology at the Gemological Institute of America. While at GIA, Lauren received a diploma in the Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Jeweler, and Comprehensive CAD/CAM courses. After graduation, Lauren started her own jewelry business; focusing on on-trend fine jewelry, one of a kind custom pieces, and engagement and bridal. Lauren’s favorite part of working in the jewelry industry is that, “Every piece of jewelry has some sort of sentimental value. Whether your client is buying the piece of jewelry for themselves, or if they’re buying it for someone else, there’s always thought and love put into it. It’s an honor to be a part of some of the most special moments in people’s lives.” Lauren currently lives in California, where she pursues her passions of jewelry creation exploring culture role diversity.

Mike DeHart


Michael G. DeHart

Mike is president and co-chief investment officer for the Stuller Family Office, Federated Management Services, Inc., located in Lafayette, LA.  His all-encompassing role includes oversight of the family’s charitable foundation, core and noncore real estate holdings, investments, tax strategies, and staff.  Mike also serves as an executive team and Board of Advisor member to the family’s manufacturing business, Stuller, Inc.

Mike was born and raised in the small, South Louisiana “oil-patch” town of Morgan City.  In 1979, Mike moved to Lafayette, LA where he became a named partner in a large local CPA firm.  Through his journey, he earned an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he is an adjunct instructor, became a Certified Valuation Analyst and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Mike currently serves on several private equity funds and private real estate advisory boards, as well as having spent time as a director of a publicly traded company.  He is presently on several charitable organization boards and executive committees, including chairing various sub-committees.  His community service has included the Community Foundation of Acadiana, Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Swamp Base, and the United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana.

For over 40 years Mike has been an avid runner and fitness fanatic.  He spends his free time doing DIY projects. His time is divided between his wife of 35+ years, Lydia, their eight grandchildren, married sons, and multitude of rescue dogs.

William P Mills, III









William Parkerson Mills, III

Will was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1948 to William P. Mills, II and Dorothy Olivier Mills.  He attended Cathedral High School and received his bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management and a master’s degree in Fisheries Biology from The University of Southwestern Louisiana.  He began his career as an Independent Landman and formed WPM Exploration, Inc., in 1978.  In 1980 he formed MPW Properties, a real estate investment company.  Today Mr. Mills continues as President of both companies and owns numerous properties throughout the Louisiana, Virginia, California, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.

He is very active in the Republican Party and has served as Finance Chairman and Treasurer of the Republican Party of Louisiana.  He currently serves on the State Central Committee.  He has served as Vice President and executive committee member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA).  Mr. Mills actively lobbies in Washington DC for the Oil & Gas Industry and has served on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Independent Oil & Gas Association (LIOGA) now known as LOGA.

Mr. Mills sits on the Boards of The Stuller Family Foundation and is Founding Member of The Mills’ Family Foundation.  He has also funded the David Caffery Mills Memorial Scholarship at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He is co-founder and past Board Member for the Acadiana Crisis Pregnancy Center in Lafayette. He is a member of the Republican Governor’s Association and the Council for National Policy (CNP).

He and his wife Sandra are the parents of six children.


Executive Director

Executive Director of the Stuller Family Foundation

Most recently, LaGrange worked as the Municipal Sales Manager for Republic Waste Services within the Acadiana region.

Before that, Chuck LaGrange worked for nearly a decade as the Public Information Officer for Greater Greenville Sanitation, in Greenville, South Carolina. 

During his time in South Carolina Chuck founded the Dunean Mills Community Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to the redevelopment of textile mill communities in Upstate South Carolina.  He also had the distinction of two gubernatorial appointments as the state’s Municipalities Representative for Solid Waste and Sustainability in both the Nicki Haley and Henry McMaster Administrations.

Prior to his position in South Carolina Chuck worked in government affairs and as the Director of Membership for the non-profit The Plastics Industry in Washington, D.C.

Chuck is active in his community through service organizations like Parish Proud, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and the Kiwanis Club.  Chuck is a graduate of Beau Chene High School and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.