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The Stuller Family Foundation has a rich history of supporting a variety of causes throughout Acadiana.

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Submission Deadlines

February 20, 2021

June 20, 2021

September 20, 2021

For The Stuller Family Foundation to have adequate time to review and consider applications, please submit your proposals no later than the dates listed here.

Application Submission Checklist

Funding Request Form

Each application should include a completed Funding Request form. You can download it directly from this page below.

The form can either be downloaded, completed and submitted via email, or printed, completed, and scanned to email or physical mail.

Program Narrative

The program narrative should include no more than two (2) additional typed pages with the following information:

  • A brief overview of the community’s need for this program. Including similar programs and how your program fills the gap or need in service.
  • Descriptions of expected program challenges and plans to overcome or appropriately manage those.
  • Your organization’s financial plan for program sustainability once The Stuller Family Foundation’s funding support is allocated (if applicable to your specific needs and request).


Attachments should include the following information. The attachments should be no more than five (5) typed pages.

  • Copy of your organization’s most recent 990 form (page 1 only).
  • Project budget
  • Supporting materials, such as reports, brochures and news articles about the specific program or project you’re requesting funding for (optional).

Apply for a Grant

If a grant is awarded, the Foundation may require the organization to submit program evaluation reports outlining results and outcomes of the funding.

Applicants should submit the original completed proposal to:

Stuller Family Foundation

P.O. Box 82277
Lafayette, La. 70598
(337) 394-5432
Fax (337) 262-7713

Frequently Asked Questions
Does The Stuller Family Foundation provide proposal support or assistance to applicants before submission?

For The Stuller Family Foundation to support its mission, we want to make sure grant proposals have a high likelihood of being awarded the requested funds. As such, we can provide proposal support to applicants. Please adhere to the following guidelines so the foundation can support your proposal enhancement efforts.

  1. Complete your proposal and application at least one month before the submission deadline.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Stuller Family Foundation at least two weeks before the submission deadline in order to allow time for revisions and edits. 
How soon can an organization submit another application for the same program grant that was not awarded the requested grant?

The Stuller Family Foundation receives hundreds of grant applications each year from many worthwhile organizations in Acadiana. There are several factors that determine whether request is awarded. Since the foundation cannot support every submission received, we enourage organizations to submit applications for future board meetings and reach out the The Stuller Family Foundation if your organization would like advice or guidance on that resubmission. (See Above)

Can charitable organizations without a 501(c)(3) status be awarded grants?

No – The Stuller Family Foundation’s status with the Internal Revenue Service requires that it only support organizations that have obtained 501(c)(3) certification.

After being awarded funds for an organization’s annual capital campaign, how soon can the same organization apply for another capital campaign contribution?

Following the approval of a “capital campaign” funding request, The Stuller Family Foundation asks that these organizations wait at least two years before submitting another capital campaign funding request.

What can we do to increase the chances that our grant request will be approved?
  1. Adhere to all guidelines provided in the application packet.
  2. Be as specific as possible when providing detailed plans for the following:
  3. Project plans about how the proposed project will help (or will continue to help) your organization reach its overarching goals. How does this project support your organizational goals?
  4. Fundraising plans for how your organization plans to fully fund the proposed project, including matching grants and collaborative partnerships. How will the project be fully funded?
  5. Impact expectations and project evaluation plans for how your organization will determine if the project was a success and if it met your expectations.
  6. Be specific and provide additional evidence for how your organization and its existing efforts are directly helping your organization fulfill its mission.

Important note: Adhering to the aforementioned suggestions above in no way guarantees The Stuller Family Foundation Board will approve your application.

Does The Stuller Family Foundation conduct site visits?

The Stuller Family Foundation occasionally requests and/or conducts site visits. Invitations to visit your organization’s facility are welcome; however, the Foundation staff and the Board of Directors will determine the need for a site visit.

Which type of budgetary items are acceptable to fund using the foundation’s grant?

There are no restrictions on the type of items/activities an organization requests funding for. However, the Board seriously considers what the funding asks and evaluates the proposed spending. If the Board determines that the grant proposal outlines fund use that align with our values and includes how those funds will be used to meet the needs of the community, then the proposal has a much greater chance of being awarded the requested funds. 

Examples of acceptable budgetary items are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list of acceptable items; rather the type of specificity expected in submitted proposals.

  • A general organization operating expenses and start-up costs required for organizational success (e.g. staff salary, utility expenses, project management software)
  • Specific project resources required for a successful and impactful project (e.g. tools/parts/materials, outreach advertising, permit fees)