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Who We Serve
Specifically, The Stuller Family Foundation's geographic focus is on these six parishes:
                                                        *St. Martin
                                                        *St. Landry
And the question "Who We Serve" isn't limited to geographic issues; it also involves ideological ones as well.
Everyone... every organization has a good cause, but sometimes, the organization doesn't have a good game plan.  The Foundation awards grants to organizations whose leaders have focused visions on where they want to be, and how they plan to get there.  Detailed thoughts on fundraising efforts and business plans are highly recommended in your grant proposals.
Also, does your organization and/or specific event, lend itself to potential partnerships with other nonprofit organizations?  The Stuller Family Foundation is a strong believer in the "team concept", and has itself joined forces with other organizations on a variety of philanthropic efforts.
While The Stuller Family Foundation has made grants to organizations in a variety of causes (religious, education, youth, humanitarian, social service, etc.), there are three things on The Foundation's "no" list:
                                                        *Amateur sports teams
                                                        *Political organizations
                                                        *Private individuals